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Covid 19, Conspiracy Theories and Social Networks

Metal Man Monument Wearing a Covid 19 Mask
Covid 19 Metal Cyclist

The Vaccines are Coming

 A few days until Christmas and the new Covid 19 Lockdown in Austria. Will the festive atmosphere prevail over Corona’s panic? Some are looking forward to the announced vaccines and respect most of the government measures, whereas the others support a conspiracy theory that, to sum it up, it was all a setup, a pre-planned, well-orchestrated agenda designed to manipulate people and gain absolute control over us. They also mention microchipping and claim that the virus doesn’t exist.  We will all get vaccinated soon and thus become infected with ”the mark of the beast”. One might refuse it, but there will be serious consequences. In the meantime, social networks have been giving virtual births to a vast number of ”experts” on the Covid 19 agenda who have connected all the dots. So, whom to believe. Let’s take a deeper dive.

Supporters vs. Skeptics


 Throughout our history, people have gone through thick and thin. We have overcome wars, natural catastrophes, fought famine, and cured diseases. We will deal with Corona too, if it exists that is. Otherwise, how to come out of the battle triumphant against an invisible enemy? The most passionate Covid 19 skeptics mistrust the statistics. After all, as Winston Churchill allegedly said, ”the only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself”. Therefore, skeptics’ family members dying from direct or indirect consequences of Covid 19  serve as ”living proof”. Wouldn’t it be better to at least show some respect for medical personnel, their zeal, endurance, and the daily struggle to keep Corona patients alive and at least try not to impose the potentially dangerous opinions on others?


Conspiracy Theories and dangerous podcasts


The expansion of online social networks has brought about a flood of conspiracy theories in the last couple of years. The ”5g network mind control”, the ”flat-earthers”, the Bill Gates’ ”microchipped vaccines”, chemtrails, the Illuminati and the British Queen being a lizard at night are just the tip of the iceberg. A local butcher, shapeshifted to a YouTuber, claims that the Earth is flat and backs it up with ”solid” evidence. Ironically, ”flat-earthers” have become the ”global” phenomenon. One could notice that Galileo died in vain. Conspiracy theories have slowly but firmly replaced the usual chit-chats about politics among co-workers during lunch breaks. They are now coming out of the mouths of teenagers trying to impress their parents at weekends. They are hot topics in pubs, markets, and even universities and shouldn’t be ignored. Especially when promoted by some shady online podcast hosts under the influence who welcome pseudo-intellectuals with mind-boggling theories. Such unfiltered content might pose a great danger to the developing minds of the youth. By being ”educational” and entertaining at the same time, they attract young audiences and guide them in certain unknown directions. The lack of an online content filter is a serious threat to our children and the addiction to entertainment is something that is momentarily hard to curb.


the use of the internet


The rise of the internet and social networks has set people free. Or has it?  We mistrust  TV news, local newspapers, and radios. The ”old school” journalism is dying out. Instead, people go online, join social networks and get their share of information and entertainment. It is all quickly forgotten and becomes the old news. As a result, there is no much space left for boredom anymore but even less for applicable knowledge. The wise ones use the internet and its unlimited resources as a tool. However, the majority simply binge-watch the latest hit shows on Netflix, laugh at clips of strange individuals on YouTube making fools of themselves in public, scroll through Instagram stories, or spy on their Facebook friends. Likes and hearts have become the fuel we need to keep going.


true lies


In conclusion, does this Corona thing stink? Yes. Was Covid 19 artificially made? Maybe. But should we blindly trust conspiracy theorists and pseudo-elite? Well, suit yourselves. Are we being lied to all the time? Is our existence also a lie? Well, so what? ”Lying is a delightful thing, for it leads to truth”, as Dostoevsky put it in Crime and Punishment

Merry Christmas and stay strong,

Zlatko Djordjevic

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